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Geological Environments of Ore deposits

I am seeking help to assemble a funding package to develop an updated digital version of my original Australian Mineral Foundation (AMF) course entitled "Geological Environments of Ore deposits". This was a very popular course when it was delivered (some eight times) between 1977 and 1985 to experienced geologists in the mineral exploration industry.

I have a successful track record of discovery in mineral exploration, see . The AMF course is practical and empirical rather than theoretical or academic and relies on observational comparisons which can be made between several examples of major deposit types. In my experience much can be learned by making detailed and specific observational comparisons of several deposits from the same geological environment , see proposed Table of Contents.

The Introduction Section of the course is an outline of basic mechanisms of structural control of ore deposits followed by a series of comparisons using 10 to 30 members of a given class of each major ore deposit type. Each deposit is illustrated in maps, photographs (slides) of outcrops, structural and textural relationships between ore and host rocks in outcrop and in small-scale mapped relationships, field sketches. As well, in the original course there were a series of some 10 to 14 samples of representative rock types from each of these mines, all located on mine maps and sections of the major deposits. Additional data sources are in numerous detailed reports on major deposits written by the author, listed in:

Some ten different geological environments of ore deposits are compared, each comprising a separate text section as outlined in the proposed Table of Contents (from the original AMF course) below.

The original documented sample sets (together with polished thin sections) which was the basis for this former successful AMFcourse are now stored at Data Metallogenica, now serviced by Dr Kerry O'Sullivan and Dr Peter Laznika at the former AMF Site in Adelaide.

The slides, photographs, diagrams, maps and reports collected (by me) from some 200 major ore deposits are still stored with me see the following list of links.

Australia Europe, Middle-East, Russia North America
Southeast Asia Southern Africa

To give a concept of the volume of this collection there are some 14,000 colour slides in the collection, plus numerous negatives of photographs in reports, data which needs to be digitised and edited, and prepared in a final summary course in digital format. This is an enormous task, but the even larger task of collecting all the data is already done.

I am proposing to prepare a digital version of this original course and I am proposing an annual budget of some $100,000 to prepare it, shared between several investors or several major companies interested in mineral exploration. I am asking for help to gain funding for the budget for this project. The aim is to develop a dedicated storage and a web-site for this information.

Whichever companies support this initiative will gain the first copies of the edited and prepared material of each of the courses, and if requested I am prepared to present the course to a small group of geologists which the supporting company nominates.

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