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Gold Projects Available for Development, Russia.


Proposal: There are in Russia some 25+ major undeveloped gold deposits, each more than 2 million ounces, available for acquisition and development. Investors must assess the actual risk compared with the many myths about Russian sovereign risk. These investors (western or Russian) must be seriously prepared to fund risk investment in the acquisition of one of these gold projects in Russia. Development loan funds are available, see below. The projects comprise 8+ g/t grades, developable by open cut near to reasonable infrastructure.


The price of acquisition for gold deposits in Russia has been between usd 50c and usd $2.00 per drilled out reserve ounce, metallurgically tested. The price is low because of unrealistic western investor and western banking fears of unstable mining title in Russia. The estimated acquisition price for one of these gold deposits in Russia is between usd $2 mm and usd $4 mm. The project requires risk-funds of between usd $2 mm and usd $4 mm for investigation, due diligence, acquisition of the mining licence and database, for one of these deposits. Following acquisition, each project would require further project loans for development of between usd $ 25 and usd $ 40 mm, which can be repaid from cash flow in 12 to 15 months from start-up, because of the high grades and early cash flow.


Title is secured through the correct administrative channels in Moscow, which also guarantees security of operation. Investors need to compare the sovereign risk of investment in Russia with the exploration risk of similar funds in Australia. The political risk of drilled out reserves in Russia is far, far less than exploration risk in Australia.


Examples of operating gold mines developed in Russia with western financial backing are described at the following web-sites:


 Kubaka at 

 Julietta at 

Zun-Holba at :




Development Funds are available from a British banker, with impeccable credentials in London, Moscow and Australia, and who has lived and worked in Moscow for 8 years. He is offering long term debt finance for such projects in Russia, of usd $ 50 mm or more at an interest rate of 5 % flat, which is readily sustainable by the project, following start-up of gold production.


Tim Hopwood has worked/lived in Russia for 5 years, speaks Russian, has worked extensively on several sites and has evaluated many projects in Russia, and has contacts able to lead investors through the title acquisition process.

Please contact Tim Hopwood in Australia, phone 617 3392 9512, fax 617 3392 9513, mob 040 1498 114.

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